September 20, 2014

Post #18: Out of Thyme

Wow, it's been two months since the last post. I'm still trying to figure out where the time has gone. Everything's been a blur, but not much has changed. After the SCBWI conference ended, I closed my notebook filled with how-tos and ideas and advice to spend some time away from that world. I'm still not ready to finish my story yet, but I'm hoping to slowly re-read my notes and share some of the many things I learned that weekend. One thing's for certain- I am more inspired and determined to push through 'til the end (whatever the end may be).

There are a few projects I'll be sharing for the rest of 2014. Calendars, websites, and more maps and signs! The first of these recent projects is for Out of Thyme. Michelle had sent me a message a few months back asking if I'd be interested in helping her revamp her blog- which originally had a food-recipe focus, but would now be expanding to include other topics and interests such as culture, fashion/beauty, etc. She sent me the most detailed and entertaining email I had ever received (I'm almost tempted to share a screenshot here) and we ended up with a new header and these sweet little change-as-you-scroll-over buttons.  You should definitely take a look at her new site.. you might even get home-baked chocolate chip cookies delivered to your door! Who wouldn't want that. Not I. Not. I.

July 29, 2014

Post #17: sun and moon

For the past eight weeks, I've been taking a night class at Art Center on children's book writing/illustrating and it's been... a lot. A lot of learning, encouragement, mental blockage, inspiration, and late nights. A few weeks in, I was feeling frustrated because I didn't have clear direction of my story and was beginning to consider scrapping the idea altogether. But after showing my bare-boned book dummy to my instructor, all I needed was to hear, "There's something there. You're so close." Sometimes, all it takes is one person to really believe in your story.

So in short, I'm going to the SCBWI conference this weekend to learn more about writing and illustrating children's books, make new friends, and be inspired by an amazing line-up of authors, illustrators, editors, and agents. Fingers crossed, the perfect ending will magically fall from the sky so I can finally wrap up this crazy story. The likelihood of this happening is pretty slim, so I'm preparing for a few more sleepless nights ahead. Here above are two of the characters I'm working on. I probably won't show much more than this, but thought I'd share a sneak peek of what's been keeping me busy these days.

P.S. Also, I'm thinking about not posting the blog entry links on Facebook anymore. If you want to stay updated, feel free to subscribe via email (see right column) or through other apps like Feedly or BlogLovin. And seriously, thank you to everyone who has sent me kind words of encouragement and/or listened to me blab on about my wisheshopesanddreams. I really, really appreciate it.

July 25, 2014

Post 16: pun times



I was recently commissioned by a friend to make a set of 20 cards for various occasions. Here are a two of the ones I cranked out this week. My original plan was to open an etsy shop this summer, but my focus has shifted over the last two months. More on this later!

P.S. If you're wondering if I have a life outside of work (day job) and more work (making stuff), the answer is no.

July 18, 2014

Post #15: Forelsket (Lost in Translation Series)


Practicing digital + analog + foreign languages

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June 30, 2014

Post #14: Weddings and Signs

A few weeks ago, I was able to make a trip back home for a friend's wedding celebration. It was held in (what seemed like) a secret field in the middle of nowhere. I swear, when the directions on the invitation gave no address and just instructed, "exit the freeway and after the third bridge, make a sharp right," I was pretty sure we'd get lost. Thankfully everything worked out, and after fighting through some unexpected traffic we made it 30 minutes late just barely missing a scene where the wedding cake had apparently fallen over. But what I appreciate about Taylor, the bride and my friend since elementary school, is that she didn't even make a big deal out of it. "Oh well!" She just laughed and shrugged it off as she told us about it when we arrived.

In the same way, when she asked me to make signs for her reception, I was surprised to see how little she appeared to be stressed from planning and how much she trusted me to do this. I was pretty free to do whatever I wanted with the chalkboards. All she knew was that she remembered my handwriting from school and that she needed signs. It reminded me again that a wedding is a beautiful and important symbol and a sign, but it doesn't take the place of what it's supposed to represent- the marriage itself.

Anyway, a big thanks to Taylor and her now-husband James for letting me take part in their special day! And another thanks to Alyssa for driving up with me (and for being totally okay with getting ready in a McDonald's bathroom). It was nice to catch up with friends, make s'mores, forget to eat the s'mores, jealously watch kids who can bust a move, and spend some time at home!