July 25, 2014

Post 16: pun times




I was recently commissioned by a friend to make a set of 20 cards for various occasions. Here are a few of the painted ones I cranked out this week. My original plan was to open an etsy shop this summer, but my focus has shifted over the last two months. More on this later!

P.S. If you're wondering if I have a life outside of work (day job) and more work (making stuff), the answer is no.

July 18, 2014

Post #15: Forelsket (Lost in Translation Series)


Practicing digital + analog + foreign languages

June 30, 2014

Post #14: Weddings and Signs

A few weeks ago, I was able to make a trip back home for a friend's wedding celebration. It was held in (what seemed like) a secret field in the middle of nowhere. I swear, when the directions on the invitation gave no address and just instructed, "exit the freeway and after the third bridge, make a sharp right," I was pretty sure we'd get lost. Thankfully everything worked out, and after fighting through some unexpected traffic we made it 30 minutes late just barely missing a scene where the wedding cake had apparently fallen over. But what I appreciate about Taylor, the bride and my friend since elementary school, is that she didn't even make a big deal out of it. "Oh well!" She just laughed and shrugged it off as she told us about it when we arrived.

In the same way, when she asked me to make signs for her reception, I was surprised to see how little she appeared to be stressed from planning and how much she trusted me to do this. I was pretty free to do whatever I wanted with the chalkboards. All she knew was that she remembered my handwriting from school and that she needed signs. It reminded me again that a wedding is a beautiful and important symbol and a sign, but it doesn't take the place of what it's supposed to represent- the marriage itself.

Anyway, a big thanks to Taylor and her now-husband James for letting me take part in their special day! And another thanks to Alyssa for driving up with me (and for being totally okay with getting ready in a McDonald's bathroom). It was nice to catch up with friends, make s'mores, forget to eat the s'mores, jealously watch kids who can bust a move, and spend some time at home!


June 1, 2014

Post #13: Lego Duplo Triplo!

One of my favorite movies of 2014 (so far) was The Lego Movie. It was silly enough for kids and sentimental enough for adults. Plus, I love Chris Pratt. After watching the movie, I went home, pulled out an old drawer of Legos and attempted to create something amazing. Unfortunately, it worse than Emmett's Double Decker Couch. I just couldn't think of anything to make. So when Esther from Egg to Eggi & Noniland asked me to make a poster for her triplets' Lego-themed birthday party, I was determined to do better. The poster she asked me to make was specifically for the doljabi. To my non-Korean friends who are reading this (all five of you), a doljabi is a fun, traditional game played during a baby's first birthday to "predict" his or her future career. Various items are placed in front of the child and whichever one he/she grabs shows what they will be when they grow up. It usually results in a grandparent pushing a stethoscope closer to the child in hopes that they will become a doctor. LOL.

A little bit about Esther- I met her around three years ago while I was still in college. I had signed up for Face 2 Face, a program at CCSC that partners you with another woman to make church feel a little smaller. I was probably the worst person to be matched with because I was always late to our meetings. I remember one time we were supposed to meet at Sweet Lady Jane in Santa Monica, and being the noob that I am, I drove east (instead of west) on Wilshire... and wound up in Echo Park where there is also another street called Montana almost twenty miles away. What. Yeah... we didn't meet that day. Hahaha. But she was (and is) always so patient and generous with me and I'm really thankful that we've still been able to meet up and continue our friendship since then. She and her husband are also ridiculously talented and manage to do creative work while having four young kids at home. Seriously? 

For the poster- I wanted to try out hand lettering so I sketched out a few different ideas, but realized it was a lot harder when it came to painting it. I know the best way would have been to measure every line and and use blue tape to paint straight edges, but after a while I gave up. And I kind of liked the cartoony effect anyway. The Lego characters, however, were easier (and also more fun) to create. For fear of messing up on the actual foam board, I painted them on a separate sheet of paper, cut and pasted them onto black card stock and then used mini 3d adhesive squares to attach them on to the canvas. My favorite four are the ones shown at the beginning of this entry. Is it a coincidence that I'm naturally drawn to these types of jobs in real life as well?  You can see some pictures from the party below (including the final product).

Finally, happy birthday Kate, Mark, and Samantha! It's amazing to see how much you three have grown in just one year, and I'm excited to see you guys continue to learn and laugh and soak in everything for the first time in the many years to come!

Guests voted for which item the triplets might choose.

pen, stethoscope, gavel, paintbrush, Bible, whisk, and maraca

Dessert table (the 축돌 towers were made out of Legos too!)
An amazing spread made by Esther. I know, right?
Photo credits to James Hyungjoo Lee and Min Joo Lee
Check out more of Esther's work on her blog and event styling page.

P.S. I listened to Everything is Awesome on repeat while I was writing this entry. It lasted for about forty plays until I just had to stop.

May 23, 2014

Post #12: Apartment Hunting

As you may or may not know, finding an apartment can be tough work. It requires patience and stealth, strategy and compromise. Now that I've settled in my new place, I've formed a very short list of necessary equipment for said search.

1. Map - Location is key when you're looking for a new place to live. What landmarks do you live near, what is the noise level, is it (depending on what you're looking for) biker-friendly, kid-friendly, pet-friendly, or even just... friendly?

2. Field notes - Make a list of amenities you would like to have. When my roommate and I were visiting potential apartments, there was one that we liked- but they didn't have a refrigerator or an oven. There was just a gaping space on the wall where the two appliances used to be. If I was planning on making a more permanent move, then maybe I would consider buying new ones, but I was (err, still am) not in a position to drop a thousand bucks on these items. Also, be wary of hidden costs! Trash, water, parking, pool maintenance, tree-trimming, shoe polishing...

3. Communication device - How else are they going to get back to you?

4. Camera - Unless you have photographic memory, chances are you're not going to remember what every apartment looks like. Take pictures, make notes, and review them later when places begin to call you back.

It's a jungle out there! You might get bruised and bitten (after all, it's hunting), but once you've captured your prey, it's the best feeling ever. As in, you'll finally be able to sleep.